On Long Island, Boston children become carefree campers

BOSTON (The Boston Globe) – In the midst of serene Boston Harbor, the sounds from one vessel punctuated the waters as 450 young passengers, many with tear-stained cheeks, made emotional farewells.

They sobbed, cheered, laughed, and shouted. They made bold declarations — “I’m going to miss you guys!” one camper announced into a can of Pringles converted into a megaphone — and vowed to stay in touch as the Provincetown II sailed away from Long Island on Thursday.

What could justify such varied, frenzied emotions?

It was the last day of summer camp.

Camp Harbor View is more than just a camp

BOSTON (The Boston Globe) – CAMP HARBOR VIEW is beginning our 11th season this week. In the past 10 years, we have learned a lot about operating Camp Harbor View. We know that we need 20,000 gallons of drinking water and 8,000 hot dogs for each summer session, and that we can expect to teach about 50 kids to swim for the first time in their lives.

Camp Harbor View Provides Unique Experiences for City Youths

BOSTON (WBZ Radio) – Each month, WBZ Cares highlights a worthy non-profit organization and tells the story of what that organization does for the community.

This month, WBZ Cares is focusing on Camp Harbor View, a summer camp on Boston’s Long Island that provides underserved youth in the city with unique experiences meant to build confidence and broaden horizons.

Although founded a decade ago, the camp’s inspiration started from a childhood memory of Jack Connors, a retired businessman.

Camp Harbor View points at-risk kids to a better future

BOSTON (The Boston Globe) – Even before the bus pulled up on Olney Street in Dorchester that morning nine summers ago and Jamal Grant climbed aboard with his younger brother, he had tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I didn’t want to go,’’ he said. “I didn’t want to go at all. I was crying. First year. First day. First session. I was literally crying on the bus.’’

Camp Harbor View: A Haven from Racism

BOSTON (The Boston Globe) – TWO WEEKS AGO, 700 people gathered at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in the Seaport District to support the work of Camp Harbor View, a summer camp and year-round program for inner-city kids between the ages of 11 and 17. It was an outpouring of immense generosity, and the proceeds of the evening will ensure that Camp Harbor View’s programs endure — this year, our 10th, and beyond.

As is the case with many nonprofits, our benefactors are generous and enlightened. They also lead lives of relative privilege. They have access — to educational and career opportunities for themselves and their families, to comfortable housing, healthy food, quality health care, and many other components of a secure future. They deserve all that they have, and they share the benefits of their success in many wonderful ways.

WATCH: Jack Connors On Camp Harbor View

BOSTON (WGBH News) – Camp Harbor View was an idea first conceived by Mayor Tom Menino in 2006, as an oasis for hundreds of city kids in the summer, many of whom live just a mile away, but have never seen Boston Harbor. Watch this 2015 interview with Jack Connors and Sharon McNally.