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Our four-year curriculum equips teens for post-secondary success building progressively toward program completion. Young leaders begin in 9th grade with a foundation of Social Emotional Learning and self-discovery then progress through career exploration, college planning and individual execution working toward their post-secondary goals.

CHV Leadership Academy Handbook

9th GradeRISE Program

Supporting the transition to high school, the RISE program focuses on self-discovery and seeks to equip 9th grade participants with skills to navigate social and emotional stressors.

  • Introduction to a variety of useful skills including communication and goal setting to prepare participants for experiences in grades 10-12 and beyond.
  • Weekly community nights on Monday & Tuesdays during the school year.
  • Monthly Saturday workshops focused on foundational leadership skills through Social Emotional Learning.
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10th-12th GradeLeader in Training Program

LITs at camp

The three-year Leader in Training program is an opportunity for young people to grow, explore, and build toward their futures. Our curriculum engages young leaders in three primary focus areas: College Preparation, Trades & Certificate Program Preparation, and Business Leadership.

  • Weekly community nights including mentoring and grade-based enrichment opportunities during the school year.
  • Monthly Saturday workshops focused on career exploration, college readiness, and leadership skills. 
  • Immersive summer experience building leadership skills and serving as near-peer mentors to campers.

Summer at theLeadership Academy

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The summer LIT experience offers teens in grades 10-12 experiential learning opportunities that develop twenty-first-century skills. The program is designed so that creativity and exploration is the teacher and the city of Boston is the classroom. Each LIT participates in weekly workshops and enrichment field trips along with hands-on workforce development through on-island summer employment.