Boston,how can we make racial equity real?

We ask ourselves this question all the time at Camp Harbor View. How do we move past words like “equal opportunity” to a reality of equitable outcomes for all — no matter the color of our skin, the neighborhood where we grow up, or the schools we attend. Yes, we know Boston has a troubled history when it comes to racial and socioeconomic equity, but we don’t need to have a troubled future. 

We see promise and potential in every neighborhood, and we know we’re just one of many organizations working to create a city where every family has access to multiple paths to financial stability, wellness, and happiness. 

We’re committed to pursuing equity in our work — including our free summer camp and year-round teen leadership development programs as well as our Guaranteed Income Program for families. 

And we want to partner with anyone and everyone who shares our values and is ready to jump in.

We know it’ll take shared vision and shared effort to transform our city’s future. Are you with us? Share your vision here and we’ll be in touch:

What’s one thing we can do together to make racial equity real?