Camp Harbor View and our friends at EverybodyFights gyms have an exciting invite for you. We’re launching Fit February — a month-long leaderboard challenge to benefit Camp Harbor View.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Donate $50 or more to support our work (or pay what you can, we want everybody in this with us!)
  • You’ll get an invite from us to select your home gym (the EverybodyFights gym in Seaport or FiDi)
  • You’ll be automatically added to the Fit February Leaderboard and eligible to win some big prizes just for working out, including roundtrip tickets anywhere JetBlue flies!

Everybody Fights is serious about Covid-19, members are required to wear masks while in the gym and the facilities are using enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures. Boston also requires that everyone be vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend a class in the gym. More information about Covid-19 protocols and other information about the challenge is available in FAQs below.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Fit February FAQs

Q: What is Fit February?

A: It’s a month-long endurance challenge with our partners at EverybodyFights gym. With a $50 donation to Camp Harbor View, participants received a one-month pass which includes access to all workout classes (i.e. open gym, boxing, cardio, strength classes) at your choice of one of Everybody Fights’ Boston locations (Seaport and FiDi). The proceeds from registration go towards our programs and services that benefit 1,000 young Boston kids and their families.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: In order to join, you’ll need to follow these four steps:

  1. Donate $50 (or any amount) to support Camp Harbor View on this page to get your one-month access code.
  2. Head to the EverybodyFights site up a username and password & choose your home gym (Seaport or FiDi).
  3. Click “Buy Series”.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your home gym code under “Redeem Free Class” (you’ll get your code when you sign up on the Camp Harbor View site in step 1 above)!
Q: What are challenge rules?

Camp Harbor View and Everybody Fights are hosting the Fit February 2022 challenge. All activities are subject to the Everybody Fights terms.

Prizes will be awarded to eligible participants based on the participants with the most “rounds” completed and tracked in the Everybody Fights Camp Harbor View leaderboard — via the EverybodyFights Training Camp app. (one class = 12 rounds).

Who is eligible

All adults ages 18+ as of Feb. 1, 2022 are eligible, with the exception of:

  • Full-time, year-round employees of Camp Harbor View
  • Full-time and part-time employees (or contractors, vendors, or partners) of EverybodyFights


Participation requirements

All participants must complete an Everybody Fights waiver.

No purchase is necessary for participation. All donations are optional. Interested parties may email to participate.

Logging your workout

It is the responsibility of the participant to log your workout at the gym.

You must be on location at Everybody Fights to log your workout through the Everybody Fights Training Camp App at the time of your workout (staff at the gym should be able to help you if you have any issues)


The following prizes will be awarded to participants based on the number of days they check into classes in February:

1st prize (most workout days tracked in the EF Training Camp app in February): Two tickets anywhere JetBlue flies and a $250 Airbnb gift card.

2nd prize: P-Town Getaway (second-most workout days tracked in the EF Training Camp app in February): Two ferry tickets to Provincetown (thanks to Baystate Cruises), gift cards for the Cape Colony hotel and Red Inn restaurant, and a one-year family membership to the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

3rd Prize: On the town in Boston (third-most workout days tracked in the EF Training Camp app in February) Four premium Boston Red Sox tickets for the 2022 season, two happy-hour package tickets from Boston Crawling, and a gift card from Ostra restaurant.

In case of a tie

In the case of a tie for first, second, and/or third place prizes, Camp Harbor View will randomly select a winner. The loser of a tiebreaker for first place will win second place, the loser of a tiebreaker for second place will win third place.

Q: How does the leaderboard track my participation?

A: Download the Everybody Fights app (available on iOS and Android) and the app will keep track of each day you visit the gym. It takes note when you are within one mile of either gym location. Therefore, you must allow the app to have location permissions.

Q: What if I do two classes in a day?

A: Unfortunately, the app will not be able to recognize more than one visit per day. We encourage you to take one class per day.

Q: What are the gym’s Covid-19 protocols?

A: We are dedicated to ensuring everyone’s comfortability and safety. Boston regulations require anyone entering a gym be vaccinated against Covid-19. Individuals are required to wear masks indoors and wipe down their equipment after use from one of the various wipe stations. If comfortable, participants can take off their masks when working out in their own station, but must put it back on when transporting from station to station. We also strongly encourage everyone to not come to class if they aren’t feeling well.

Q: Can I join the challenge as a team?

A: Yes! We strongly encourage teams. When you sign up for Everybody Fights, please have every member of your team put their name and in parentheses, the team name. You will not be able to see your team up on the leaderboard as one unit; however, at the end of the challenge we will add each individual’s points with the same team name to see the total.

Q. Who can I contact with questions?